Luxury Mosaic Tiles

Luxury Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

At ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum we believe in using the very best Luxury Mosaic Tiles for your ONE piece swimming pool.  We work with Designworks Tiles, the UK’s leading supplier of swimming pool and surround tiles for residential and commercial projects.  Our joint expertise means we can offer you a superior range and design of luxury tiles in a multitude of colours and finishes.

Check out the selection below and choose your favourite luxury mosaic tiling for your ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum.


Endless Options For Your All In One Pool

Our collection offers exclusive swimming pools to suit indoor and outdoor spaces, with our range-topping ONE pool featuring Aqua Platinum-approved wellness facilities that are typically found behind the closed doors of the most luxurious properties in the UK. 

With many configurations of our luxury tiled ONE-piece swimming pools to choose from, we provide you with your own dedicated pool coordinator who will help guide you in deciding which is the perfect one-piece swimming pool for you and your family.

Start your journey

This user-friendly interactive tool allows you to easily explore various design options, features and configurations that create your ideal pool. Our pool configurator guides you through an enjoyable step-by-step process that lets you design and customise your pool virtually, experimenting with different shapes, sizes, depths, finishes and additional features such as waterfalls, spas, lighting and decking options. You can see the immediate impact of the selections and modifications you make on the overall pool design and explore different combinations to find the perfect pool for you.

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