Luxury Tiled
ONE-Piece Pools

By Aqua Platinum

Dive into a World of Luxury with ONE by Aqua Platinum

Welcome to ONE by Aqua Platinum. We design, manufacture and install luxurious, customisable ONE-piece tiled swimming pools that transform your outdoor or indoor space. Drawing inspiration from Aqua Platinum’s rich heritage of award-winning swimming pools, we can create the perfect pool to enhance your lifestyle.

Our industry-leading expertise in luxury tiled ONE-piece swimming pool design and manufacturing means that you can choose from a huge range of customisable options. From the shape, size and finishes, to the addition of luxurious features, we create your pool to your exact specifications. Whether you are seeking a pool for family fun, for serious exercise and resistance training, or as a luxury retreat with bespoke massage stations for added relaxation, we will bring your vision to life.

From Concept to Completion

We are the only company in the UK that offers a comprehensive one-stop service for swimming pool design, manufacture, haulage, cranage, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.   With ONE by Aqua Platinum, you can sit back and relax as our experts handle every aspect of the process with professionalism and efficiency.

Our dedicated team ensures you experience a seamless journey from the moment you embark on the vision for your dream swimming pool, all the way through to delivery and installation.

Seamless Installation

Made to fit precisely within your chosen area, our one-piece luxury tiled pools are assembled off-site then delivered and installed at your location. That means minimal disruption to your landscaping and garden. In addition, one-piece pools are simpler and easier to install than other types of pools, leading to lower overall third-party construction costs. One-piece swimming pool construction is often more efficient and faster than different types of pools too, which means less time on site is required to build it, especially if it’s an outdoor swimming pool.

Our focus is on making your ordering and installation journey as simple and smooth as possible by working closely with our in-house team of 50 and our supply chain partners so that our service matches the quality of the market-leading swimming pools that we install. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your one-piece swimming pool installation is handled by trusted and highly knowledgeable professionals, who will provide you with clear communication and updates every step of the way.


Exceptional Quality

ONE by Aqua Platinum prioritises quality and longevity in every aspect of our ONE-piece luxury tiled pools. Each pool is constructed using high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring structural integrity and durability.

Inspired by Aqua Platinum’s concrete formed installations which cater to the super-prime market, we have designed a host of one-piece swimming pools that transform outdoor spaces and offer you attainable luxury. What sets our offering apart from others available is our attention to quality and detail, from the very start of the process, right the way through from design to manufacturing, and on to final installation and maintenance of your completed swimming pool.

The Fast Lane to Luxury

A ONE-piece luxury tiled swimming pool may seem complicated, but it is exactly what you think it is. Each of our one-piece pools is made to each customer’s exact measurements and design choices, then delivered and installed in one piece within 12 – 16 weeks.

From the types of tiles used to additional wellness features, there are multiple options and design choices you can select. Luxury tiled ONE-piece pools are also ideal for those customers who want to customise their pool according to a specific theme or design choice. One-piece swimming pools allow you to create your dream pool to the specifications of your choosing. 

Premium Luxury

Our collection offers exclusive swimming pools to suit indoor and outdoor spaces, with our range-topping ‘ONE’ pool featuring Aqua Platinum-approved wellness facilities that are typically found behind the closed doors of the most luxurious properties in the UK.

With over 50 configurations of one-piece swimming pools to choose from, we can help guide you in deciding the best one-piece swimming pool for you and your family, at a price that is affordable.

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