Revolutionising Water Quality in ONE Pool Swimming Pools

The quest for pristine swimming pool water is not just about clarity; it’s about ensuring safety, comfort, and longevity both for the pool and its users. In this context, Bayrol Technik controllers have emerged as a game-changer, especially for our ONE Pool swimming pool owners. These advanced systems embody precision, efficiency, and ease of use, making them an essential component for maintaining optimal water quality.

The Importance of Water Quality in ONE Pool Swimming Pools

Water quality in swimming pools is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it directly impacts a swimmer’s health, preventing eye irritation, skin problems, and more serious health risks associated with bacteria and viruses. Secondly, proper water balance extends the life of pool materials and finishes by preventing corrosion and scaling. Finally, clear, balanced water is aesthetically pleasing, inviting swimmers into a safe and enjoyable environment.

Introducing Bayrol Technik Controllers

Bayrol, a company known for its commitment to water treatment solutions, has developed the Technik controllers to tackle water quality management head-on. These controllers automate the monitoring and adjusting of pool water chemistry, including pH levels, chlorine content, and other crucial parameters. What sets Bayrol Technik controllers apart is their precision and reliability, ensuring that the water in our ONE Pool swimming pools remains not just clean, but perfectly balanced.

How Bayrol Technik Controllers Work

Bayrol Technik controllers operate using sensors that continuously measure water quality parameters. Once a deviation from the set parameters is detected, the controller automatically adjusts the levels by adding the necessary chemicals, such as chlorine or pH adjusters, in precise quantities. This continuous process ensures that the water remains within the ideal range at all times.

The benefits of this automated system are endless, it reduces the need for manual testing and chemical adjustment, saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error. Moreover, it ensures that chemicals are added most efficiently, minimising waste and thereby reducing operating costs.

To give you an example of the water quality within our pools, we can compare this to:

  • London tap water: 0.7 parts per million level of chlorine.
  • Commercial pools are about 3.5 ppm

ONE Pool: We improve our quality of water with automatic chemical dosing which is an extraordinary system that monitors the pH and the chlorine levels in the pool 24/7. It will automatically dose the pool to get a tap water quality– we aim to be about 1.5 ppm which gives a perfect pH balance for a swimming pool.

Due to this quality, your eyes won’t sting, and your children will be safer and less prone to chlorine reactions.

Benefits for Our ONE Pool Swimming Pools

  • Precision and Reliability: The advanced sensors and algorithms used in Bayrol Technik controllers provide unmatched accuracy in water quality management, ensuring a consistently safe and pleasant swimming environment for you and your family.

  • Automation: By automating the process of water quality management, these controllers eliminate the need for frequent manual interventions, making pool maintenance more convenient and less time-consuming.

  • Cost Efficiency: The precision in chemical dosing not only ensures optimal water conditions but also reduces chemical consumption, leading to significant cost savings over time.

  • Ease of Use: Despite their advanced capabilities, Bayrol Technik controllers are designed for ease of use, with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls, making it easy for pool owners to monitor and adjust settings as needed.

  • Integration: These controllers can be seamlessly integrated into the existing pool systems of ONE Pool swimming pools, making them a versatile solution for new installations and upgrades.

Water Quality at ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum

In the world of swimming pool maintenance, the Bayrol Technik controllers represent a significant leap forward. For ONE Pool swimming pools, these controllers offer a solution that is about maintaining water quality and enhancing the overall pool ownership experience. With their precision, reliability, and ease of use, Bayrol Technik controllers are setting a new standard in swimming pool water quality management, ensuring that pools are not just clean, but consistently perfect. As more pool owners embrace this technology, the future of swimming pool maintenance looks brighter—and clearer—than ever. Get in touch for more information!

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