ONE Pool: Water Effects & Swimming Pool Jets

Aqua Platinum’s ONE Pool is a marvel of modern pool design, integrating swimming pool jets and water effects that not only enhance the aesthetics of the swimming environment but also offer a multitude of benefits for users. These features transform the traditional swimming pool into a dynamic relaxation zone, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation and leisure.

What Do We Offer?

Air & Water Jets

Plunge into the ultimate comfort with our advanced air and water jets. Engage in a tranquil hydrotherapy session that rejuvenates both your mind and body. Our meticulously designed jets deliver a variety of therapeutic sensations, from soft caresses to stimulating bursts. Tailor your pool’s hydrotherapy setup to match your desires, and elevate your water experience with the calming force of water. Experience the bliss of genuine relaxation in the comfort of your home.

Swim Jets

Elevate your exercise regimen with our advanced swim jets. Designed for athletes and leisure swimmers alike, our swim jets create an unparalleled endless pool experience. Relish in the challenge of swimming against a customizable current tailored to your preferred intensity. Ideal for competitive training or an invigorating swim, our swim jets offer the ultimate water-based workout solution. Jump in and discover the liberty of swimming on your terms, anytime you desire.


Transform your swimming pool into a pinnacle of luxury with our beautifully designed custom waterfalls. Crafted to foster a peaceful and visually captivating environment, our premium waterfalls infuse your aquatic haven with the splendour of natural beauty. Whether you desire a soft trickle or a bold flow, our skilled craftsmen will collaborate with you to fashion a waterfall that flawlessly aligns with your aspirations. Embrace the elegance of water and elevate your pool to a work of art.

Health Benefits

Swimming pool jets, one of the cornerstone features of ONE Pool, are designed to create a current against which swimmers can exercise. This innovative technology allows for an effective swimming workout within a relatively small space, making it an ideal solution for urban homes or compact areas where a full-sized lap pool is impractical. The adjustable nature of these jets means they can cater to a wide range of abilities, from beginner swimmers who require a gentle current to professional athletes looking for a challenging swim. The swimming pool jets are not only for exercise; they also offer therapeutic benefits. The resistance provided by the water can help in rehabilitating injuries, improving circulation, and relieving muscle tension.

From a fitness perspective, the benefits of Aqua Platinum’s ONE Pool with swimming pool jets are vast. The ability to swim “endlessly” against a current means that users can enjoy a continuous swim without the need for turns, which can disrupt the rhythm and flow of the workout. This particularly benefits triathletes or competitive swimmers looking to improve their endurance and technique. Additionally, because swimming is a low-impact exercise, it’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, making the ONE Pool a versatile option for family homes.

For rehabilitation and therapy, the controlled environment of ONE Pool with its adjustable swim jets can be invaluable. Water’s natural buoyancy reduces strain on joints and muscles, making it an excellent medium for recovery exercises. Physical therapists can utilise these features to design specific rehabilitation programs that leverage the resistance and support provided by the water, promoting healing and mobility in a safe and controlled manner.


Water effects in ONE Pool add another layer of functionality and beauty. These can range from soothing waterfalls to elegant fountains and bubblers, all of which contribute to a serene and inviting pool atmosphere. The sound of flowing water is universally recognised for its calming properties, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation. For those looking to create a backyard oasis, these water features can transform the pool area into a tranquil retreat, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Visual & Environmental Aesthetics

The combination of swimming pool jets and water effects in ONE Pool also significantly enhances the pool’s aesthetic appeal. Lighting can be integrated into these features, illuminating the water in a myriad of colours and creating a mesmerising visual spectacle. This not only elevates the overall look of the pool but also extends its usability into the evening, allowing for dramatic night-time swimming experiences.

Environmental and economic considerations are also addressed in the design of ONE Pool. The advanced technology used in the swim jets and water effects is energy efficient, reducing the overall environmental footprint of the pool. Additionally, the ability to enjoy a comprehensive swimming workout in a compact space can save homeowners the cost and space required for a larger traditional pool, making it a smart investment in the long term.

Explore Our Range of Swimming Pool Jets & Water Effects!

The social and recreational benefits of ONE Pool should not be overlooked. The pool’s inviting design, combined with its water effects, creates a perfect setting for gatherings, parties, or simply enjoying quality time with family and friends. The ability to adjust the swimming pool jets means that the pool can be transformed from a calm oasis into a fun, interactive play area for children, offering something for every member of the family.

At Aqua Platinum’s ONE Pool, our innovative swimming pool jets and water effects represent a significant advancement in pool design. It offers a multifaceted solution that caters to a wide range of needs, from fitness and therapy to relaxation and entertainment. The benefits of such a pool are extensive, providing users with a unique and versatile aquatic environment that enhances both their physical well-being and their quality of life. Whether for exercise, rehabilitation, or leisure, ONE Pool stands out as a sophisticated and practical addition to any home, setting a new standard in luxury and functionality. Contact our team at ONE Pool to learn more about our incredible projects and what you can achieve today!

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