Pool Installation, Whiteley

At Aqua Platinum, we are proud to install our one-piece pools from ONE by Aqua Platinum in homes across the Whiteley area. Our team ensures that we provide a smooth pool installation process that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes significantly to its durability and functionality. From the selection of our tiles to the final application, every step requires careful consideration and skilled craftsmanship.

Our luxury swimming pool,  wellness design and construction firm, Aqua Platinum Projects, is responsible for creating ONE by Aqua Platinum. Since its founding in 2011, Aqua Platinum buildings, located in Hampshire and London, have led the market in constructing upscale residential and commercial buildings with both indoor and outdoor pool installation as well as wellness centres. Contact us for more information!

The Initial Design

Bespoke swimming pool installation is our speciality at ONE by Aqua Platinum, where we ensure that your opulent Whiteley pool is specially designed to meet all of your requirements. Our specialists start working directly with you as soon as you start working with us to fully grasp your functional needs and design concepts. We provide a vast array of customisation choices, such as swimming pool dimensions, features, depth, finishes, and other amenities. 

We offer visual representations and 3D models of your custom pool design so that you can visualise your pool installation and make well-informed decisions about the possibilities available. This makes the customisation process interesting and lifelike. Upgrades like as automation controls, lighting systems, water features, and more may be added as optional extras to fully customise your pool. Our experts will walk you through these options and assist you in choosing the features that will best design your pool.

Why is Our Installation Different?

Technical and creative vision are seamlessly combined in the ONE pool installation process. Every stage of the process, from the deliberate selection of materials to the accurate installation of tiles and the finishing touches, goes into creating an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and useful aquatic space. A professional pool installation is a wise investment for both residential and commercial Whiteley properties because it improves the look of your pool and increases the value of the entire property.

Your vision is realised by our talented pool builders. We use precision manufacturing in a controlled environment to create a ONE piece pool installation of exceptional quality that is delivered fully and ready for placement, in contrast to traditional concrete pools that require construction on-site.

The pool is then installed and linked to the mains once a hole has been dug and a concrete base has been built. For filtration and heating, you can also install our pre-built, small plant room pod. This is a straightforward solution that can be simply hidden in your Whiteley garden or outbuilding.

In 12-16 weeks, you will have the pool installation of your dreams. Where to begin? Contact our team to find out more.

Maintenance and Longevity

Properly installed and maintained tiled pools can offer longevity and aesthetics. Regular cleaning, water chemistry management, and prompt repairs to any damaged tiles are crucial for preserving the integrity of the pool installation. With proper care, a good installation can withstand the challenges of time, weather, and frequent use.

The key to maximising the lifespan of every pool installation is regular maintenance. Our dedicated aftercare division, Aqua Platinum Servicing, sets the standard in the UK’s swimming pool maintenance and refurbishment sector, with a wealth of experience spanning 30 years.

Mosaic Tiles


We at ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum think that your ONE piece pool installation needs the finest mosaic tiles on the market. We collaborate with Designworks Tiles, the top provider of pool and surround tiles in the UK for both residential and commercial projects.  We can provide your Whiteley building with an exceptional selection and design of tiles in various colours and finishes thanks to our combined work.

ONE Pool Installation, Whiteley

A well kept pool will provide you with infinite happiness. ONE Pool offers a safe, inviting, and algae free experience with regular maintenance by paying attention to our cleaning tips. By keeping your pool as clean and clear as possible, you may enjoy your small piece of paradise all season long. 

To get the perfect bespoke pool installation in your Whiteley home or building, get in touch with our expert team of designers today. We guarantee a brand new solution like no other – create your project by working alongside our professionals. What can you achieve? Find out at ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum by contacting us here.

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