Pool Installation, Southampton

Aqua Platinum takes pride in offering top-notch pool installation services featuring our exclusive one-piece pools from ONE by Aqua Platinum. Operating in the Southampton area, our dedicated team ensures a seamless installation process, enhancing not only the visual appeal but also the longevity and functionality of the pool. Each step, from tile selection to final application, is executed with meticulous attention and skilled craftsmanship.

Aqua Platinum Projects, our esteemed luxury swimming pool, wellness design, and construction firm, is the creative force behind ONE by Aqua Platinum. Established in 2011, Aqua Platinum Projects has been a trailblazer in the market, constructing premium residential and commercial buildings in Hampshire and London, equipped with both indoor and outdoor pool installations along with wellness centres. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Initial Design Process

At ONE by Aqua Platinum, our expertise lies in delivering bespoke swimming pool installations, ensuring that your luxurious Southampton pool is meticulously designed to meet all your specifications. Our dedicated specialists engage with you from the outset, collaborating closely to understand your functional requirements and design preferences.

We provide an extensive range of customisation options, including swimming pool dimensions, features, depth, finishes, and additional amenities. To enhance your decision-making process, we offer visual representations and 3D models of your custom pool design, enabling you to envision the installation and make informed choices. This not only adds an element of interest but also brings the customisation process to life.

Furthermore, optional upgrades such as automation controls, lighting systems, water features, and more are available to enhance the personalisation of your pool. Our team of experts will guide you through these choices, assisting you in selecting features that best complement the design of your pool.

What Sets Our Installation Apart?

The ONE pool installation process seamlessly integrates technical expertise with creative vision. Each phase, from meticulous material selection to the precise installation of tiles and the final touches, is dedicated to crafting an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional aquatic space. Opting for a professional pool installation proves to be a sensible investment for both residential and commercial properties in Southampton, enhancing the pool’s appearance and elevating the overall property value.

Your vision comes to life through the ability of our skilled pool builders. Utilising precision manufacturing in a controlled environment, we produce a ONE piece pool installation of exceptional quality, delivered fully assembled and ready for placement. This stands in contrast to traditional concrete pools that necessitate on-site construction.

Following excavation and the construction of a concrete base, the pool is installed and connected to the mains. To streamline the process, our pre-built, compact plant room pod can be added for filtration and heating. This straightforward solution can be discreetly concealed in your Southampton garden or outbuilding.

Within 12-16 weeks, your dream pool installation becomes a reality. Ready to take the first step? Contact our team for more information.

Maintenance and Durability

The longevity and aesthetic appeal of tiled pools are contingent upon proper installation and ongoing maintenance. Regular cleaning, effective water chemistry management, and prompt repair of any damaged tiles are essential for preserving the integrity of the pool installation. With diligent care, a well-installed pool can withstand the challenges posed by time, weather, and frequent use.

The key to maximising the lifespan of any pool installation lies in consistent maintenance. Our dedicated aftercare division, Aqua Platinum Servicing, sets the industry standard in swimming pool maintenance and refurbishment in the UK, backed by 30 years of extensive experience.

Mosaic Tiles


At ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum, we believe that the finest mosaic tiles available are essential for your ONE piece pool installation. Collaborating with Designworks Tiles, the leading provider of pool and surround tiles in the UK for both residential and commercial projects, we offer an exceptional selection of tiles in various colours and finishes to enhance your Southampton building.

ONE Pool Installation, Southampton

A well-maintained pool ensures endless satisfaction. ONE Pool provides a secure, inviting, and algae-free experience through regular maintenance, following our cleaning tips. By keeping your pool clean and clear, you can relish your small piece of paradise throughout the entire season.

For the perfect bespoke pool installation in your Southampton home or building, reach out to our expert team of designers today. We guarantee a unique solution unlike any other – create your project in collaboration with our professionals. Discover the possibilities at ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum by contacting us here.

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