Pool Installation, Hedge End

Aqua Platinum is delighted to present the installation of our signature ONE by Aqua Platinum one-piece pools in the Hedge End area, epitomising luxury and precision in swimming pool construction. Our dedicated team ensures a pool installation process that not only elevates the pool’s aesthetic appeal but also its functionality and longevity. This meticulous procedure spans from the selection to the application of our premium tiles, demanding both thoughtful consideration and unparalleled craftsmanship.

ONE by Aqua Platinum emerges from the innovative spirit of Aqua Platinum Projects, our esteemed company specialising in pool installation, wellness design, and construction. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Hampshire and London, we have become pioneers in developing upscale residential and commercial properties, boasting wellness centres and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We invite you to connect with our team for an unparalleled service experience.

Bespoke Design Process

At ONE by Aqua Platinum, we excel in crafting custom swimming pools, ensuring your Hedge End pool is a unique masterpiece tailored to meet all your desires. From the outset, our experts engage closely with you to grasp your functional requirements and aesthetic aspirations. Our customisation service spans various dimensions, including size, depth, finishes, and additional features, ensuring a pool that’s perfectly aligned with your vision.

To bring your dream pool to life before it’s built, we provide detailed visual representations and 3D models, enabling you to explore all available options and make informed choices about your pool installation. Our customisation extends to advanced features such as automation controls, lighting, water features, and more, with our professionals guiding you through each step to select the perfect enhancements for your pool.

Unmatched Installation

Our ONE pool installations marry technical precision with creative flair, resulting in a space that’s both visually stunning and enduringly functional. Choosing a professional installation for your Hedge End property is a wise investment, enhancing the pool’s beauty and boosting your property’s value.

What sets our pool installations apart is the meticulous craftsmanship and the use of precision manufacturing techniques. Unlike traditional concrete pools constructed onsite, our ONE piece pools are pre-built under controlled conditions to ensure superior quality. Following site preparation and base construction, the pool is installed and connected, with an option for a compact, pre-built plant room pod for effortless integration into your home.

Expect the realisation of your dream pool within 12-16 weeks. To embark on this journey, reach out to our team for further information.

Maintenance and Longevity

Pool installation and maintenance are pivotal for the longevity and aesthetic preservation of tiled pools. Addressing tile repairs promptly, conducting regular cleanings, and managing water chemistry is essential to maintaining a pool’s integrity over time.

The cornerstone of any pool’s longevity is consistent maintenance. Aqua Platinum Servicing, our aftercare division with three decades of experience, leads the UK in swimming pool maintenance and pool installation, setting a benchmark for excellence.

Mosaic Tiles


At ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum, we believe in adorning your pool with the finest mosaic tiles, collaborating with Designworks Tiles, the UK’s premier provider for both residential and commercial projects. This partnership ensures a stellar selection of tiles in various colours and finishes, enhancing your Hedge End property’s appeal.

ONE Pool Installation, Hedge End

A well-maintained pool is a source of endless joy. By adhering to our maintenance tips, your ONE Pool will remain an inviting, safe, and pristine oasis. Keeping your pool clean and clear ensures enjoyment throughout the entire season.

For a bespoke pool installation that transforms your Hedge End home or commercial space, consult with our expert design team. We offer unparalleled solutions, crafting a project in collaboration with you that stands apart. Discover the possibilities with ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum by reaching out to us today.

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