Pool Installation, Fareham

Aqua Platinum takes immense pride in the installation of ONE by Aqua Platinum one-piece pools in homes across the Fareham area. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless pool installation process, contributing significantly to the pool’s functionality, durability, and visual appeal. Each stage, from tile selection to application, demands meticulous consideration and expert craftsmanship.

ONE by Aqua Platinum is the brainchild of our luxury swimming pool, wellness design, and construction company, Aqua Platinum Projects. Since its establishment in 2011, Aqua Platinum Projects has been at the forefront of constructing high-end residential and commercial structures, featuring wellness centres, and indoor, and outdoor pools, with buildings located in Hampshire and London. Connect with our team today!

The Initial Design

Specialising in Initial Design Bespoke swimming pool installation at ONE by Aqua Platinum, we ensure your luxurious Fareham pool is uniquely crafted to meet all your requirements. Upon commencement of our collaboration, our specialists promptly delve into understanding your functional needs and design concepts. We provide a wide range of customisation options, covering sizes, features, depths, finishes, and additional amenities for swimming pools.

Visual representations and 3D models of your custom pool design are offered, allowing you to envision your pool installation and make informed decisions about the available possibilities. This enhances the customisation process, making it engaging and realistic. Optional extras like automation controls, lighting systems, water features, and more can be added to fully personalise your pool, with our experts guiding you through these choices.

Why is Our Installation Different?

The installation of ONE pool seamlessly merges technical and creative vision. The result is an aesthetically beautiful, enduring, and functional aquatic space, achieved through a meticulous process that starts with material selection and concludes with precise tile installation and finishing touches. Investing in a professional pool installation for both residential and commercial Fareham properties is a wise decision, enhancing pool aesthetics and elevating the overall property value.

Our skilled pool builders bring your vision to life. Unlike traditional concrete pools that require on-site construction, we utilise precision manufacturing in a controlled environment to create an exceptional quality ONE piece pool installation, delivered fully assembled and ready for placement.

After excavation and concrete base construction, the pool is installed and connected to the mains. You can also opt for our pre-built, compact plant room pod for heating and filtration, a discreet solution easily concealed in your Fareham home.

In 12-16 weeks, you’ll have the pool installation of your dreams. Wondering where to start? Contact our team for more information.

Maintenance and Longevity

Properly installed and maintained tiled pools offer longevity and beauty. Preserving the integrity of the pool installation involves timely tile repairs, routine cleaning, and monitoring water chemistry. A well-maintained installation can withstand the test of time, weather, and frequent use.

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of any pool installation. With thirty years of experience, our dedicated aftercare division, Aqua Platinum Servicing, sets the standard in the UK swimming pool maintenance and refurbishment industry.

Mosaic Tiles


We believe your ONE piece pool installation needs the best mosaic tiles available. For residential and commercial projects, we collaborate with Designworks Tiles, the leading supplier of pool and surround tiles in the UK. Together, we offer your Fareham building an exceptional design and selection of tiles in various colours and finishes.

ONE Pool Installation, Fareham

A well-maintained pool ensures lasting satisfaction. By following our cleaning recommendations, you can keep ONE Pool free of algae, providing a welcoming, secure, and safe environment. Enjoy your slice of paradise throughout the season by maintaining your pool as clear and clean as possible.

For the perfect bespoke pool installation in your Fareham home or building, contact our expert team of designers today. We guarantee a unique solution – create your project by collaborating with our professionals. What can you achieve? Find out at ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum by reaching out to us here.

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