Diving into Different Types of Pool Covers

Indulge in our opulent slatted ONE Pool covers – our luxurious covers embody safety, enhanced energy efficiency, and protection. With an array of options, we can create a stunning appearance, seamless automation, and unparalleled placement for your pool cover.

In this blog, we explore pool covers, each individually designed to meet specific needs and enhance your swimming experience. To find out more about our incredible range of ONE Piece Pool covers, all catered to any size! Get in touch with our team today!

PVC Slatted Hidden Cover Cave

For those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, PVC slatted hidden cover caves are a perfect choice. This system discreetly conceals itself behind tiled panels, creating a false wall that allows easy access for maintenance. The cover glides through a narrow gap, offering a sophisticated and seamless solution for your pool cover needs. Choose from a range of options at ONE Pool – contact us for more information.

Bench Cover Cave

Transform your ONE Pool into a multifunctional space with the bench cover cave. This integrated cover system provides protection and doubles as a stylish bench for seating. Crafted with a robust Stainless Steel framework and removable tiled panels, this system is engineered for strength, supporting an impressive 200kg per linear metre. Enjoy the dual benefits of a functional seating area and a secure pool cover in one elegant solution.

Solar Pool Covers

Harness the power of the sun with our range of solar pool covers, offering many positive benefits. From solar heating to evaporation reduction, insulation, anti-algae properties, and surface protection, these covers are a versatile addition to your ONE Pool. Not only do they enhance the water temperature through solar heating, but they also contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for additional heating. Enjoy a warmer pool, lower energy costs, and peace of mind with our warranty.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your pool cover is essential to its durability and performance, especially in the Winter. Learn valuable tips on cleaning, storage, and general care for different types of pool covers. A well-maintained cover ensures a sparkling pool ready at all times and reaps many safety benefits – preventing your children/pets from falling in. Discover tips here!

Whether you’re aiming for solar efficiency, protection, or the peace of mind that comes with pool covers, there’s a perfect fit for every aspect. Dive into our range of choices, make an informed decision, and let your pool stay in its prime condition, every day.

Discover Your Bespoke Pool Cover Today!

At ONE Pool, our pool covers are crafted to match the specific shape and size of your pool, ensuring a snug fit. This secure seal effectively blocks leaves, debris, and insects from entering your pool, thereby maintaining its cleanliness. Additionally, explore ONE pool vs concrete pools and how we can benefit your home or business.

For further insights into our ONE Pools and the distinctive qualities that set us apart from other brands in the industry, reach out to our team of ONE Pool experts. Ensure that your swimming pool remains a haven where you and your family can unwind throughout the year. Contact our expert team of specialists by calling us today!

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